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My Story

My passion is picture books, but I’ve always loved drawing and making absolutely anything and everything. As a qualified architect, I trained in design and technical drawing at the University of Cambridge and Glasgow School of Art, learning to imagine and depict distinctive places full of life and activity. My collage-illustration style is self-taught through a lifelong love of crafting.


My illustrations combine technical drawing with crafts including embroidery, collage, painting and sketching. Working intuitively with mixed media, I aim to create intricate pictures with a whimsical, maximalist, dollshouse-like quality. Images are typically made and assembled by hand with only minimal digital refinement, giving them a tactile, retro feel. I'm interested in communicating ideas about nature, the city, the mundane and the magical through images which I hope are at once both humorous and poetic. In my picture book work, I also strive to create engaging characters and a powerful sense of place that is unique to the world of the story.



In addition to writing and illustrating my own picture books, I also take on private commissions including illustration for other children's authors, bespoke stationery design including wedding invitations, greeting cards, prints and bespoke illustrated maps. If you need help realising a special commission, please get in touch via the form below. I'd be delighted to discuss any project you have in mind and provide a quote.

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